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Holiday Photos - December 13

Half Hour Mini Sessions for $50

Gather up your favorite people and spend a little time sparking your Christmas spirit. 

Whipsaw Creative is a local marketing business that also provides photography services to clients. It's a creative and joyful time of year where the spreadsheets take a backseat and the owner of Whipsaw Creative, Shannon Freix, enjoys snapping memories of charming families, adorable kids, and sweet, mushy couples.

Take a peek at the vibe below for the mini sessions. Simple. Minimal.
If you like what you see, scroll down the page to book your time slot. 

Awesome! Let's get you all gussied-up for some photos.

Booking 1/2 hour sessions on one day at MontaVino Winery:

Sunday, December 13 starting at high noon until 4pm.

A few house-keeping items to share:

  • Photo studio set-up is at MontaVino Winery, downtown Kalispell. You'll want to take full advantage of your studio time so be sure you check the location and the parking situation.

  • We are currently scheduling 1/2 hour slots, turn and burn, baby! Please arrive ready to smile and strut your stuff. 

  • Parents: Please use all the tricks in the book for your kiddos to help them be involved and smile big. Likewise, please keep a close eye on your sweet children when in the winery so you don't have to buy anything you really didn't plan on. Thank you. 

  • Payment must be made when you book your time slot (we'll do that down below with the form). No cancelations or refunds, sorry. This is a screaming deal so let's just make it happen. 

  • Payments options include Venmo (@Shannon-Freix) at the time of booking. Cash works, but your spot is only confirmed/reserved once payment is in hand. No holding your spot. Let's utilize technology to make this easy on all of us! 

  • Your slot will be confirmed by email and any questions about the session should also be shared at that time. 

  • You'll receive 5-7 photos from the short half-hour session. Please allow 1 week for digital delivery to your email inbox. All photos will be shared via Google Drive with a unique link for you to download. No watermarks, no logos. All yours! The person that registers for the booking will receive the link to photos. 

  • Tips for a nice photo: simple clothing, a bit of powder for shiny faces (even guys), natural hair/makeup - don't try anything new or over the top, keep jewelry simple, no phones on the hip/belt, iron your clothes, use a lint brush (bring it with you), clean teeth and trimmed facial hair look nicer, good posture really makes a huge difference. Avoid super clingy, skin-tight, or weirdly snug clothing. Wear what you feel good in. Coordinate your colors a bit, but don't get matchy-matchy. Have fun! 

  • Some basic holiday props will be available for use. Chime in if there's something you'd like to use. Bring your own if there is toy or blanket you want to use from home. NOTE: we do NOT have any face props to share (eg: glasses). Let's keep it sanitary and clean for everyone! On the same note, please wear your masks when you are not in the limelight. Thanks. 

  • Questions: Hit me up! Drop them to me in the form below. 

If you have more questions please contact me: 

Shannon Freix @ Whipsaw Creative

 (406) 499-2309

Winter Photographer

Time slots & availability: 

  • 12pm to 12:30pm - BOOKED

  • 12:30pm to 1pm - OPEN

  • 1pm to 1:30pm - BOOKED

  • 1:30pm to 2pm - OPEN

  • 2pm to 2:30pm - OPEN

  • 2:30pm to 3pm - OPEN

  • 3pm to 3:30pm - OPEN

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